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    Personnel File

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    Name: Zebariah Young

    Race: Human

    Birth Place: Anchorage, Alaska, North America, Earth

    Birth Date: November 10, 2335

    Height: 5'5”

    Weight: 72.5 Kg

    Eyes: Hazel

    Hair: Brown

    Marital Status: Married (Crystal Young)

    Children: 1 (Lily Young)

    Parents: Mark Young & Brenda Klaben

    Siblings: 1 (Amanda Young)

    Current Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

    Current Assignment: U.S.S. Constellation

    Primary Position: Executive Officer

    Clearance: Level 8

    Mr. Young was born in Anchorage, Alaska to Mark Young (a Federation Contractor) and Brenda Klaben ( an Early Education Specialist). Mr. Young stayed in Alaska until he was old enough to apply for and attend Starfleet Academy. While as a cadet, Mr. Young chose the Marine Option. During his third year, Cadet Young went on a training mission with a Marine Expeditionary Unit where he excelled in a leadership billet. It was decided by Cadet Young’s instructors that Cadet Young would attend Officer’s Command Course upon graduation and receiving his Commission. 2nd Lt. Young graduated both Starfleet Academy and O.C.C. with Honors. 2nd Lt. Young was given his orders to assume the posting of Officer in Charge of the 133rd Marine Strike Group.

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