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    Mission 001 - End of an Era


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    Mission 001 - End of an Era

    Post  Admin on Tue Feb 28, 2012 11:06 pm

    *** Location USS Constellation***

    Colonel Parmley was walking thru his waiting room over to the replicator,"Tea Hot' , few seconds later a glass of hot tea materlizes.

    As he made his way back to his chair he was looking over fitness reports, and looked he had alot to go thru ,Steve rubbed his temples thinking" i miss being a Grunt to much paper work now". He then straigtens his desk up a little bit trying not to be so dirty, when the computer came over the comm.

    <Computer> Priority 1 messeage comeing in from Lt. Gen Dennis Rayburn at Bn Head quarters.

    Steve was surprise as that his boss never used Priority Comms.

    As he turned to his computer monitor he stated his access Codes, " Parmley 37Gamma Echo

    Then a few seconds later his old friend appeared on the computer monitor. "What can I do for you Dennis'? as he readjusted in his chair, <Dennis> We have a mission for you Colonel , you are to go to sector 789.9 we have lost 4 Civilian Frieghters there, and the last time a Star Fleet ship visited was the USS Enterprise under Captain Kirk. Your mission is to investigate the missing ships, locate survivors and if necessary Defend star fleet interests. Steve looked very serious and ready " Understood sir," <Dennis> " Oh and Colonel Remember the rules of engagement Only fire if fired upon Rayburn out"

    Colonel Parmley Stood up and pulled on his uniform , and then walked around the desk and headed for the door, it was late it was 0200 and it was gamma shift on duty as he made his way to the Center chair he turned and took his seat. " Computer Red alert all senior staff to conference room"

    15 mins later

    As Steve stood at the front of the table he had explained to everyone abotu the missing frieghters, "Any questions as steve looked around " very well set course for Sector 789.9

    XO Young

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    Officer's Gym

    Post  XO Young on Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:55 pm

    LtCol. Young was in the gymnasium when the call from the CO came through. He didn't even bother hitting the sonic shower. He just grabbed his uniform top and ran for the door.
    The doors hissed at the turbolift and it wasn't until he was inside that he pulled his uniform on and began to make himslef presentable.
    When he arrived at the bridge, he got a quick status report from the duty office, before moving into the briefing room and taking his seat.

    -15 minutes later-
    With the briefing completed the XO walked out to the bridge and handed his PADD to the navigator.
    "Plot the course to this location and engage at maximum sustainable warp as soon as we are ready. Lets get there as fast as possible."

    XO Young

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    Arriving at Sector 789.9

    Post  XO Young on Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:18 am

    All the senior staff were at their posts when the Connie dropped from warp. A far as anyone could tell the area of space around them was empty.
    "Give me a full sensor sweep of the surrounding area. I want any signs of warp trails or freighter traffic found and courses extrapolated. I'll be in my ready room when it's ready." With that the Colonel rose from his centerseat and nodded his head for his exec to follow him.
    "Mr. Brown, you have her." And with that the two Marines entered the Colonel's office.

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    Re: Mission 001 - End of an Era

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