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    Commander, Air Guard (Air Wing) - Varis Rez: Biography


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    Commander, Air Guard (Air Wing) - Varis Rez: Biography

    Post  Varis Rez on Thu May 31, 2012 10:36 pm

    Name: Varis Rez

    Born 2342

    Parents: Varis Pallra-d. 2366
    Varis Bek-d. 2366

    From: Kendra Province

    Story: Parents killed during the Kendra Valley Massacre in 2366. Joined the Resistance when caretakers were talking about it in detail, when a resistance member was smuggled into their house, injured. Fought valiantly in the resistance, was a renowned pilot. After the Occupation of Bajor and Bajor's joining the Federation, he tested into Starfleet and was admitted to the Academy for a short stint and then promoted through the Academy and given the rank of Ensign. He was given the chance to join the Starfleet Marine Corps as well, and through hard work and determination proved that a Bajoran resistance fighter could beat any Starfleet test. Achieving both Red Squad honors and Team Delta flight honors, not to mention training with Nova Squadron proved that the resistance fighter pilot training and experience went far beyond what was needed. His aiming prowess and kill ratio in training scenarios earned him the callusing Apollo. After the Academy he was assigned to the USS Krakatoa, as a Lieutenant Junior Grade/1st Lieutenant, where-in he played a part in the ship's reorganization. But he wasn't being challenged. After a further reorganization: the only job he knew, being a pilot, trained in combat, was taken away, and he requested and was accepted aboard the USS Constellation (aka the Connie). He was promoted to Lieutenant/Captain and given the job of CAG of the SFMC Aerospace division aboard the Connie and Flight Controller of the Starship.

    Interests: Rez is interested in all things flight related. He goes out of his way to know his plane inside and out, sure that its ship shape before any flight, especially combat missions. He has designed a few of his own ships but never had the chance to see it live, feel the metal under his hands. Aside from flight he cares only for those he serves with and the keeping them alive, a symptom of his Resistance training.

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